Since I was a child, I always created things with what I found on the beach … I made my own jewellery, my home decorations, with shells and everything that the sea offered me. My friends loved my creations and they always asked me for them too
When I lived in Hawaii something special had awakened inside me, I felt it was something sacred … I started to draw and I never stopped.



Art from the sea

My connection with the sea exists since I have memory. The sea to me is a source of inspiration and wisdom.

my oracle and my warmth, my femininety and my divine inspiration.





I like to title my art from the sea
My inspiration is the people who live near the sea. I love to interpret the colors of the Mediterranean and Tropic, also from my homeland Brazil with its tropical colors and its sacred relationship between the sea and the Orixas. (gods and elements of nature).

I try to transmit the feminine side with my muses and my surf girls. often geometric and delicate, others rustic and mystical.

I hope you enjoy it.

Mahalo * Janaina Domar


Del mar
My love of the sea can be clearly seen in my art. I love to show the connection between women & sea. how “our tides” can be a perfect imperfection… some days simple and peaceful lines and then suddenly change for an explosion of colors.